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COVID-19 Update - 27th March 2020

Due to the world wide COVID-19 pandemic, Grapevine had to shutdown our Yarmouth's Studio and have halted normal production of the weekly editions of Grapevine on USB memory sticks, in the yellow pouches and putting them in the post. We deeply regret our action but we have to protect our Listeners and our Volunteers, as advised by our Government.

But we will try and produce an online version every week, using our usual podcast feed and also making it available on this page. It is all done by our fabulous volunteers working from their own homes, taking various stories from the EDP and the Mercury newspapers plus extra interesting and relevant item they came across during the week.

Therefore, the format is free-flowing; there is no standard order or layout; No letters or Noticeboard etc. So each reader, each week, will find something, read it out loud onto a portable recording device, then edited and brought together by our Engineers and uploaded to our site. It will probably be different every week so enjoy!

You can, or if you are supporting a family member or friend, download the single audio track and copying it to a USB memory stick. This will then play in the Grapevine player.
Or, just click the play button below and listen to the audio immediately in your browser.

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